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QUEEN - MAGIC YEARS: The Complete Set (3DVDR)
Taken from the original Japanese Videos (Highest Quality!!!)

Disc 1
Magic Years Volume One 'The Foundations'
1. Introduction - excerpt of 'One Vision'
2. Interview with Bob Geldof
3. 'We Will Rock You' with audio and video footage
4. Short excerpt of 'We Will Rock You' from 1979
5. Backstage footage of 'The Magic Tour'
The Band
6. Interview with Jackie Stewart
7. Interview with Gary Langham
8. Interview with Elton John
9. Interview with Billy Squier
10. Interview with one of Roger's schoolfriends
Early Days
11. Clip of 'Keep Yourself Alive'
12. Interview with John Taylor (Duran Duran)
13. Early interview with Roger
14. Interviews with Freddie and Roger
15. My Fairy King, interviews with Brian
16. Interviews with Roger and Brian
17. Interview with John, Freddie and Paul McCartney, etc
18. Interview with Freddie
19. Interview with John and Michael Appleton
20. Interview with Brian
21. Interview with Barbara Baker (Roy Thomas Baker's wife)
22. Interview with Jim Beach and Norman Sheffield (ex-manager)
Bohemian Rhapsody
23. Interviews with Samantha Fox, Dave Stewart & Roy Thomas Baker
24. Interview with John Deacon, Roy Thomas Baker and John Reid
25. 1977 BPI award for best British single
Making Videos
26. Selection of clips and interview with Michael Appleton
27. Interview with Brian, and 'Spread Your Wings' and 'We Will Rock You'
28. Footage of 'Bicycle Race', and interview with Roy Thomas Baker
29. Interview with Freddie and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'
30. Interview with Brian and 'making of' footage of 'Save Me'
31. Interview with Roger, 'Flash', and interview with Brian
32. Interview with John and footage of 'I Was Born To Love You'
33. Interview with Freddie and interview with Mel Smith
34. 'It's A Hard Life', and interviews with Roger and Diana Moseley
35. Interview with Russel Mulcahy, Roger and Christopher Lambert
36. Clip of 'One Vision'
In The Studio
37. Brian's 'Piano Solo' and interviews with Roger and Brian
38. Interview with John, Freddie, and Brian improvising 'One Vision'
39. Roy Thomas Baker, Mack, David Richards, Roger, Freddie, Brian and John
40. Further improvised footage and 'One Vision' 'Just For Fun' version
41. Interview with Freddie
End Credits
42. Excerpt of 'One Vision'
Disc 2
Magic Years Volume Two 'Live Killers In The Making'
Japanese Tour, 1975
1. Interview with Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach
2. Interview with John and footage of Queen in Japan
3. Interview with John and more footage of around Japan
4. Live Footage and interview with John and Roger
Hyde Park & Earl's Court Concerts
5. 'Keep Yourself Alive' (Hyde Park 1976) and interview
6. Freddie's 'Vocal Impro and 'Flick Of The Wrist' (Hyde Park 1976)
7. OGWT interview with Brian and footage of '39' (Hyde Park 1976)
8. Interview with John Harris and 'Killer Queen' (Earl's Court 1977)
9. Live Footage(Earl's Court) and interview with Gary Numan
10. Interview with Brian and 'You Take My Breath Away' 'Rock And Roll Medley' (Earls Court 1977)
American Tour, 1977
11. Backstage footage from Houston 1977
12. 'We Will Rock You' (Houston 1977) with interviews
13. 'We Are The Champions' (Houston 1977) and interviews
After Show Parties & Queen Fans
14. Excerpt of 'Body Language' and mud-wrestling footage etc
15. 'Let Me Entertain You' 'Sheer Heart Attack' (Paris 1979)
16. Convention auction, and interview with Jacky Gunn
The Group, The Red Special & Saturday Night Live
17. Interview with Freddie
18. Now I'm Here (Concert for Kampuchea 1979), and interviews
19. 'Las Palabras De Amor' (Top Of The Pops 1982), and interviews
20. 'Now I'm Here' (Concert for Kampuchea, 1979), and interviews
21. Interview with Brian and his father Harold about making his guitar
22. 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' (Saturday Night Live 1982)
South America, 1981
23. Drum Solo and footage of Queen on Brazilian TV, March 1981
24. Somebody To Love' (Sao Paulo) and interview with Jim Beach
25. 'Another One Bites The Dust' (Buenos Aires 1981) and interviews
26. 'Love Of My Life' (Buenos Aires 1981) and interview with Freddie
'Under Pressure' and Milton Keynes 1982
27. Montreux and interviews with David Bowie and Freddie
28. 'Under Pressure' (Milton Keynes 1982) and interviews
29. 'Play The Game' 'Staying Power'(Milton Keynes 1982), interview
Queen On TV
30. Interview with Japan Promoter and 'Teo Torriatte' (Tokyo 1982)
31. Brian, Roger and John on Japanese TV
32. Freddie on Kenny Everett's TV show and Roger on 'Pop Quiz'
33. Roger and John on Korean TV
34. 'Radio Ga Ga' (Sydney 1985) with Phil Collins interview
Rock In Rio
35. 'Radio Ga Ga' (Rio 1985) and Mike Smith news report
36. 'Keep Passing The Open Windows', and Freddie TV interview
37. 'I Want To Break Free' (Rio 1985) and interviews with John and Freddie
End Credits
38. Footage of Rio audience and audience noise
Disc 3
Magic Years Volume Three 'Crowned In Glory'
Live Aid
1. 'Is This The World We Created?' (Budapest 1986), interviews and 'Radio Ga Ga' (Live Aid 1985)
2. Interview with Freddie, Freddie Singalong (Live Aid), and interv

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