Eric Clapton / Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2023 complete (8BDR)
Eric Clapton / Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2023 complete (8BDR)
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Eric Clapton / Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2023 complete (8BDR)

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23th Sep 2023
01.Intro (Bill Murray)
02.Bill & Eric Intro

[Sonny Landreth]
03.Cherry Ball Blues (S.Landreth)
04.Groovy Goddess (S.Landreth)
05.Back to Bayou Têche (S.Landreth)
06.A World Away (S.Landreth)(w/ E.Clapton)
07.Walkin' Blues (S.Landreth)(w/ E.Clapton)
08.Sound checks
09.Intro (Bill Murray)

[The Del McCoury Band]
10.Travelin' Teardrop Blues (Del McCoury Band)
11.1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Del McCoury Band)
12.Smoking Gun (Del McCoury Band)(w/ J.Douglas)
13.Walk On Boy (Del McCoury Band)(w/ J.Douglas&S.Hull)
14.Today I Started Loving You Again (Del McCoury Band)(w/B.Walker)(w/ J.Douglas&S.Hull)
15.I'll Fly Away (Del McCoury Band)(w/B.Walker)(w/ J.Douglas&S.Hull) 16.You Were Always on My Mind (Del McCoury Band)(w/E.Clapton) 17. Fall Like Rain (Del McCoury Band)(w/E.Clapton)
18.Sound checks

[The Bros. Landreth]
19.Got to Be You (The Bros. Landreth)
20.Corduroy (The Bros. Landreth)
21.Made up Mind (The Bros. Landreth)
22.Sound checks
23.Intro (Gary Clark Jr)

[James Bullard]
24.I've Got Only Love (James Bullard)
25.If I Needed Someone (James Bullard)
26.This Time (James Bullard)
27.Every Night is Saturday Night (James Bullard)

01.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Albert Lee]
02.Luxury Liner (Albert Lee)
03.Runaway Train (Albert Lee)
04.Tear It Up (Albert Lee)
05.A World Without Love (Albert Lee) (w/ P. Asher)
06.Leave My Woman Alone (Albert Lee)
07.Sound checks

[Judith Hill]
08.Burn It All (Judith Hill)
09.Baby, I'm Hollywood! (Judith Hill)
10.Give Your Love to Someone Else (Judith Hill)(w/ E.Gales)

[Ariel Posen]
11.Things That I've Said (Ariel Posen)
12.Angeline (Ariel Posen)

[Eric Gales]
13.Smokestack Lightning (Eric Gales)
14.Layla (Instrumental) (Eric Gales)
15.Put That Back (Eric Gales)
16.I Put a Spell on You (w/ S.Fish) (Eric Gales)
17.Long Distance Woman(w/ Christone “Kingfish” Ingram) (Eric Gales) 18.Going Down (Eric Gales) (w/ Christone “Kingfish” Ingram) (w/ S.Fish)
19.Sound checks

[Joe Bonamassa]
20.Evil Mama (Joe Bonamassa)
21.The Heart That Never Waits (Joe Bonamassa)
22.Self-Inflicted Wounds (Joe Bonamassa)
23.Cause We've Ended as Lovers (Joe Bonamassa) (w/ J.McLaughlin) 24.I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home Tonight (Joe Bonamassa) (w/ J.McLaughlin) (w/ E.Gales)

01.Sound checks
[Taj Mahal]
02.Catfish Blues (Taj Mahal)
03.Nobody's Business (Taj Mahal)
05.Sound checks
[Jimmie Vaughan]
06.DFW (Jimmie Vaughan)
07.Roll Roll Roll (Jimmie Vaughan)
08.Dirty Work at the Crossroads (Jimmie Vaughan)
09.I Ain't Never (Jimmie Vaughan)
10.Baby, Please Come Home (Jimmie Vaughan)
11.Texas Flood (Jimmie Vaughan) (w/ G.Clark Jr.)
12.Early One Morning (Jimmie Vaughan) (w/ E.Clapton) (w/ G.Clark Jr.) 13.Sweet Home Chicago (Jimmie Vaughan) (w/ E.Clapton) (w/ G.Clark Jr.)

14.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Sheryl Crow]
15.Everyday Is a Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
16.Redemption Day (Sheryl Crow)
17.Sound checks

[The War on Drugs]
18.Pain (The War on Drugs)
19.Strangest Thing (The War on Drugs)
20.Under the Pressure (The War on Drugs)
21.Occasional Rain (The War on Drugs)
22.Sound checks
23.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Gary Clark Jr.]
24.Running in Circles (Gary Clark Jr)

01.Sound checks
02.Intro (Bill Murray)

[The Wallflowers]
03.6th Avenue Heartache (Wallflowers)
04.One Headlight (Wallflowers)
05.The Waiting (Wallflowers)
06.Turn! Turn! Turn! (Wallflowers) (w/ R. McGuinn)
07.So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (Wallflowers)(w/ R. McGuinn) 08.Eight Miles High (Wallflowers)(w/ E.Clapton) (w/ R. McGuinn) 09.Bluebird ( Wallflowers) (w/S.Stills) (w/ E.Clapton)
10.Questions (Wallflowers) (w/S.Stills) (w/ E.Clapton)
11.Sound checks

12.Intro (Bill Murray)

[John Mayer Trio]
13.Vultures (John Mayer)
14.Gravity (John Mayer)
15.Wait Until Tomorrow (John Mayer)
16.They Love Each Other (John Mayer)

17.Memories of Jeff Beck
18.Sound checks
19.Intro (Bill Murray)

[ZZ Top]
20.Just Got Paid (ZZ Top)
21.Got Me Under Pressure (ZZ Top)
22.Gimme All Your Lovin' (ZZ Top)
23.Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)
24.Legs (ZZ Top)
25.La Grange (ZZ Top)


24th Sep 2023

02.Intro (Bill Murray)
03.Bill & Eric Intro
04.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Robert Randolph]
05.Seven Generations (Robert Randolph)
06.(Unknown) (Robert Randolph)
07.Red House (Robert Randolph)
08.Freeway Jam (Robert Randolph) (w/ J. Bonamassa)
09.Foxy Lady (Robert Randolph) (w/ E.Gales & J.Bonamassa)

[Ben Haggard]
11.Ramblin' Fever (Ben Haggard)
12.As Haggard As They Come (Ben Haggard)
13. She's My Carolina (Ben Haggard)
14.I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink (Ben Haggard)

[Daniel Santiago & Pedro Martins]
19.(Unknown) (w/Judith Hill)

[Kurt Rosenwinkel]
20.(Unknown) (Kurt Rosenwinkel)
21.(Unknown) (Kurt Rosenwinkel)
22.(Unknown) (Kurt Rosenwinkel)
23.(Unknown) (Kurt Rosenwinkel) (w/M. King)
24.(Unknown) (Kurt Rosenwinkel) (w/E.Clapton)

26.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Keb' Mo']
27.Perpetual Blues Machine (Keb' Mo')
28.Government Cheese (Keb' Mo')
29.Wild About My Lovin' (Keb' Mo') (w/ Taj Mahal)
30.Diving Duck Blues (Keb' Mo') (w/ Taj Mahal)


[Eric Gales]
02.The Storm (Eric Gales)
03.(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Eric Gales)

[The Marcus King Band]
04.It's Too Late (Marcus King)
05.Heaven Knows I Miss My Late Night Living (Marcus King) 06.Tuesday Night's Squad (Marcus King)
07.Landslide (Marcus King) (w/ B.Hussey) (acoustic)
08.Lie Lie Lie (Marcus King)
09.Comin' Home (Marcus King) (w/ S.Crow)

11.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Sheryl Crow]
12.If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
13.Real Gone (Sheryl Crow)
14.Cross Creek Road (Sheryl Crow)
15.My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow) (w/ J.Mayer)
16.Everyday Is a Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)

18.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Citizen Cope]
19.Son's Gonna Rise (Citizen Cope) (w/ R.Randolph)
20.Sideways (Citizen Cope) (w/ R.Randolph)

21.Intro (Bill Murray)

22.(Unknown) (H.E.R.)
23.Best Part (H.E.R.)
24.Comfortable (H.E.R.) (w/J.Mayer) ((also with her father))
25.The Journey (H.E.R.)
26.Are You Gonna Go My Way (H.E.R.)

01:Intro (Bill Murray)

[Molly Tuttle]
02.How Long (Molly Tuttle) (w/ S.Hull)
03.Salt Creek (Molly Tuttle) (w/ S.Hull)
04.Memories of Mother and Dad (Molly Tuttle) (w/ S.Hull)
05.Over the Line (Molly Tuttle) (w/ S.Hull)

07.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Los Lobos]
08.Mas Y Mas (Los Lobos)
09.The Neighborhood (Los Lobos)
10.Don't Worry Baby (Los Lobos)
11.Chuco's Cumbia (Los Lobos)
12.Three Hundred Pounds of Joy (Los Lobos) (w/ J.Vaughn)
13.(Unknown) (Los Lobos) (w/ J.Vaughn)
14.La bamba (Los Lobos) (w/ J.Vaughn)

16.Intro (Bill Murray)
[Gary Clark Jr.]
17.The Healing (Gary Clark Jr.)
18.Our Love (Gary Clark Jr.)
19.Pearl Cadillac (Gary Clark Jr.)
20.When My Train Pulls In (Gary Clark Jr.)

[Gustavo Santaolalla]
22.The Apology Song (Gustavo Santaolalla)
23. De Ushuaia a La Quiaca (Gustavo Santaolalla)
24.Valley of Last Resort (Gustavo Santaolalla)
25.The Last of Us (Gustavo Santaolalla)

27.Memories of Jeff Beck

01.Intro (Bill Murray)

[Eric Clapton]
02.The Shape I'm In (Eric Clapton)
03.It Makes No Difference (Eric Clapton)
04.Key to the Highway (Eric Clapton)
05.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Eric Clapton)
06.I Shot the Sheriff (Eric Clapton)
07.Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Eric Clapton) (Acoustic)
08.Layla (Eric Clapton) (Acoustic)
09.Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)(Acoustic)
10.Love the One You're With (Eric Clapton) (w/ S.Stills)
11.Little Queen of Spades (Eric Clapton)
12.Cross Road Blues (Eric Clapton) (w/ S.Wonder)

14.Intro (Bill Murray)


16.Intro (Bill Murray)

17.Soul Sacrifice (Santana)
18.Jingo (Santana)
19.Evil Ways (Santana)
20.Oye cómo va (Santana)
21.A Love Supreme (Santana) (w/ J.McLaughlin)
22.Marbles (Santana) (w/ J.McLaughlin)
23.Samba pa ti (Santana)
24.Maria Maria (Santana)
25.Smooth (Santana)
26.Black Magic Woman (Santana)(w/ E.Clapton)
27.Roadhouse Blues (Santana)(w/ E. Clapton)

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