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It may be a maniac in a sense.
However, a famous video that Prince fans know with a high probability, its best quality is now available.
In the interview on MTV in 1985, Prince refused to do the interview all the time, and since then there was no interview video until the late 90's, so this was played over and over again. rice field.
But what is recorded here is from the broadcast master.
And the other is MTV's other famous video, the premiere of the movie Under The Cherry Moon.
This is also a master or perhaps something close to it, and it's the best quality, undisputed video.
I'm glad to see the wonderful performance of the last Prince and Revolution in a wonderful image.
The quality of Arsenio Hall in 1991 is also quite high.
It's a nice release that pokes the corner of such a heavy box, such as rare, the premiere of the best quality love sexy tour, etc. ..

This time, especially For Dummies, that is, people who never think Prince is good, short stature, bad habits, etc., it is a fairly maniac video collection collected from such perspectives.
It's a big laugh to see Prince's autographed letters, the ones that explain Prince's trivia in English, and the appearance of clay-crafted Princes to fight Prince Charles.
Also, after D & P's Pearl-chan, there are many people who want to know.
Multiple commercials of musicology in the era when many CDs could still be sold are also recorded in connection with the tour.
All in all, the quality is excellent, and the 1983 Solid Gold and 1996 VH-1 video breaks are also record highs.
I thought there was such a thing, but I didn't know that Prince Mania is a must-have video collection.

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